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Juveniles can be charged with essentially the same crimes as adults, but the penalties are vastly different. While the juvenile justice system is geared more toward rehabilitation over punishment, juveniles stand to face long-lasting ramifications of a conviction.

Whether your child is a student at the University of Alaska, Alaska Pacific University or is no longer in school, it is important to act quickly to ensure his or her rights are protected. The Anchorage juvenile crime lawyers at the Law Office of Dattan Scott Dattan have extensive experience defending clients in juvenile court. Schedule a consultation with a skilled criminal defense attorney to ensure your child is protected.

Alaska Underage Drinking Defense Lawyer

Our firm has experience handling a broad range of juvenile crimes, including:

Depending on the severity of the charge, your child might face devastating consequences that might ultimately affect his or her chances at scholarships, choice of university and other educational or work opportunities.

Contact our office so we can fight to get your child’s charges reduced or dismissed altogether. If we must proceed through the legal system, we will make every attempt to keep the child in the juvenile system, rather than face the more strict penalties in the adult criminal justice system. Trust our firm for vigorous representation and personal service.

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